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by Laurence Rowe published May 28, 2007 11:08 PM

Perhaps it's just hitting the six month mark of returning from travelling, but I'm starting to get itchy feet again. Not so much to 'travel', just to 'do something'. I've not had enough work on recently to keep me interested. And the reality is that there will never be that great a choice of work in Manchester, and working at home begins to suck after a while. Perhaps the time has come to become employed.

But where to? Before returning home I was convinced relocation to San Francisco was the way forward,
but I'm not sure I can be bothered to subjugate myself to the whole visa rigmarole. That leaves London. Actually the more I consider it the more I think a stint in the City would not be a bad thing. The completely abstract nature of money at that level fascinates me. And working in an office in the city in which you live has got to be an improvement. I might also earn enough to be able to buy a house one day.

And if you would like to offer me a job, drop me a line ;-)

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