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Home Office in denial

by Laurence Rowe published May 18, 2008 11:50 PM
They just don't get it.

The Independent on a Europol terrorism report (pdf):

The report also warned that British foreign policy presented critical dangers for all Europe: "The conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq have a large impact on the security environment of the EU."
A Home Office spokesman confirmed that most of the Europol findings tallied with official figures, and underlined the Government's consistent warnings about the scale of the terror threat facing the nation. But he insisted that the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan had no bearing on the level of the security threat in the UK or in the rest of Europe.

It just beggars belief. Have they forgotten the boys from Bradford Yorkshire who blew themselves up on the Tube? Globalisation is much more than a purely economic phenomenon.

Lets see what a Freedom of Information request can show.

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