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Kinder Scout

by Laurence Rowe published Aug 10, 2008 08:40 PM

Kinder Low

On Kinder, so long as you keep near the edge you can usually tell where you are. The moor has an other-worldly feel in the fog, with a peace that is difficult to find in an over-stimulated city. A little disconcerting, but you can always follow a stream back to the path. Still, there was something reassuring about finding Kinder Low.

Having woken early on Saturday morning I decided I needed to be up a hill. Even with a stop in Manchester to pick up a tent, I'd made it by 3pm. In this weather the only real option is to wear shorts and embrace the elements. Once you've stepped in a few puddles you can wade through the streams... I was glad of the warm shower when I got down though!

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